Transportation – MNE | 2017

Organising Partners

Bus transfer from Porto Airport to Braga (free of charge)

At the Airport,  you will find a MNE 2017 helpdesk with a team to guide you to the shuttles and provide general information.
Once arrived at Braga City center, MNE hostesses will be present to indicate how to reach the hotels and/or INL.
For the bus transfer from Braga City center to Porto, you can pick-up your ticket at the MNE Accreditation Desk.

Please note that free transfers to Braga are only available under registration.  To register please access your personal registration area.

To and from the Conference venue

Free morning shuttles will drive participants from the suggested hotels (listed here) to the Conference Venue (INL).

Hotels will be informed about the departure time of the shuttle. Please ask for detailed information when doing the check-in at the hotel. Each day, after every last session of the conference, free shuttles will pick-up MNE participants at INL and distribute them through the hotels. Please verify the schedule of the shuttles.

Bus transfers will also be organized for the situations below:

  • From the Theatro Circo where the Opening Session will be held to the Conference Venue (INL);
  • From the Conference Venue to the Conference Dinner (Porto);


Free pass for travelling in Braga

Thanks to our local partner TUB, we offer to all participants a free pass for all the conference time in Braga – including the weekends. This free pass allows participants to travel by bus throughout the city of Braga without restrictions.

During the conference days, your conference access card will act as your free pass.
For the weekends, please print the document: bus ticket.pdf and present it to the bus driver as your free pass.
For more information about buses and routes, kindly click at Braga Map and TUBMobile App information.


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