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A warm welcome to all participants

Welcome to MNE2017, to INL, to the beautiful city of Braga, and to Portugal. The last editions of MNE have been extremely successful, what demonstrates that  the MNE community is alive and in very good health. For the 2017 edition, number 43 of the series, we have set-up an outstanding program, with very high-level key-note speakers on topics spanning from meta-materials to life-sciences and information technologies.  MNE2017 will cover all  the main current activities in micro/nano engineering  and for this goal,  we have re-structured the conference in four areas: Novel Developments in Nano/Micro Fabrication Methods and processes; Fabrication and Integration of Micro/Nano Structures Devices and Systems; Engineering for Physical and Chemical Applications; and Engineering for the Life Sciences.    

The conference structure will follow the usual scheme of three and a half days, with key-note, invited and oral presentations, posters and commercial exhibition. The poster session will include invited posters with shotgun presentations. This year, we have introduced some new features such as an special session with speakers from MNE conferences from 10 and 20 years ago (MNE2007 and MNE1997). These key-notes will present  current hot-topics with a retrospect angle, which will interest newcomers in the field as well as ”oldies” . We will also have tutorial lectures/short courses, not only of  technical contents,  but also covering other aspects, as for example,  how to write good funding applications and funding opportunities within the European Programs.

 An special session on  European Technology Platforms is also programmed.

All the changes are  articulated to increase participation, to foster interaction and networking, and to propitiate new dialogues.  Nowadays, Science, Technology and Research is, to a great measure, a  work in partnership, motivated towards the search for solutions to societal great challenges of present times. The MNE community has a large tradition and a large potential of collaborative work, which is inherent to the fact that enabling technologies are in the core of our activity. We are convinced that the 2017 edition, number 43 of the series, will consolidate MNE as the major conference in the world to discuss about present and future of micro/nano technologies. attracting the main world-wide players in the area.

Lastly, we wish that you will enjoy not only science and technology discussions and presentations,  but also the beautiful North of Portugal. We encourage you to taste the multiple possibilities to explore Portugal, through culture, food and wine. The social program will include the welcome reception and, of course, the traditional gala dinner,  that will be held in Porto, the hometown of Portwine.  

We give you all a very warm welcome to MNE2017.

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