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Short Courses

We have the pleasure to announce a comprehensive short courses program that will be offered:

· Stefan Landis, CEA-LETI: Nanoimprint and high-throughput lithography technologies

· Alexei Bogdanov, Western Digital Corporation: Fabrication at sub-10 nm scale: Lithography, pattern transfer, and inspection challenges

· David Lishan, Plasma-Therm LLC: Plasma processing: Basics, methods and applications

· José Ignacio Martín, Univ. Oviedo: Lithography tools for patterning at the nanoscale

· Eloi Ramon and Senentxu Lanceros, ICAS CNM and U. Minho: Ink jet printing: Basics, technique, inks and electronic devices

· Oliver Paul, IMTEK, Univ. Freiburg: Applications: Half-blind calibration – How to be smart by being lazy in sensor system calibration

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