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Situated in the heart of Minho, Braga is located in a transitional region between the east and west: between mountains, forests, grand valleys, plains and fields, constructing natural spaces, moulded by human intervention. Geographically, with an area of 184 square km it is bordered in the north by the municipalities of Vila Verde and Amares, northeast and east by Póvoa de Lanhoso, south and southeast with Guimarães and Vila Nova de Famalicão and west by the municipality of Barcelos.



Braga has a Mediterranean climate similar to other cities in the northwest Iberian Peninsula except for having significantly hotter summer temperatures due to being some distance from the ocean. Consequently, the climate tends to be pleasant with clearly defined seasons and precipitation periods usually occur with the major intensity between fall/winter and spring.

The average temperature in Braga in September is 20º Celsius.

You can find the local weather forecast information here:


Braga is in the Western European Time Zone, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


The electric supply in Portugal is common to most of the European countries.
So, throughout Portugal you may expect to find a supply of 220 volts with 2 pin wall sockets at a frequency of 50 Hertz.

If you come from the US and bring your own electric equipment, you will need a transformer in order to step down the voltage to 110 volts.


Banks are open to the public between 8.30 a.m. and 3 p.m. on business days. There is a national network of ATMs, identified as MB (Multibanco), where you can take cash out 24 hours a day.



In Portugal, official services for providing healthcare to the population are organized as the National Health Service. INL is located close to Braga Hospital:

Braga Hospital

Sete Fontes – São Victor
4710-243 Braga
Phone number: +351 253 027 000

In addition to this public service, there are freely available private health institutions and professionals.

In Braga, close to INL:
Hospital Privado de Braga (City Center)- Tel: +351 253 680 200 –
Clínica Médico-Cirúrgica de Santa Tecla – Tel: +351 253 209 900 –


Pharmacies 24h

Pharmacies are marked by an illuminated green cross when they are on duty during the night.
Information about the closest pharmacy open during the night is displayed on their doors.

In Braga, several pharmacies are opened 24h/day:
Farmácia Pipa – Av. Dom João II 394 – Tel: +351 253 262 457
Farmácia Brito – Avenida da Liberdade, 777 – Tel.: +351 253 262 685

See details on


Facilities for shopping in Braga are excellent, whether you are in search of artisan specialities or high-street names. The entire city is a veritable treasure trove of market stalls, independent artisan shops, small and large fashion labels and several malls of varying size, which cater for every requirement.

There are a number of independent stores to be found in the centre, as well as ad hoc promotional stands selling a variety of traditional and contemporary wares. A hypermarket completes the offering, enabling shoppers to find everything they need, all under one roof.

City Centre traditional shops are usually open from Monday to Saturday’s between 09h30am to 19h30pm. 

Shopping in Braga is as much centred on shopping malls as it is on individual stores. There are several malls of different sizes located throughout the city. Here’s a few:

Shopping Malls are usually open from Monday to Sunday between 10h00am to 23h00pm. 

Shopping in Braga is a satisfying and enjoyable way of sampling another side of every day life in northern Portugal, with the added benefit of finding some delightful mementos of your stay in Braga.


The Minho region is famed for its culinary traditions and Braga is a veritable showcase of the very best flavours from land and sea. The local cuisine is a fusion of fresh fish and seafood from the waters of the eastern Atlantic, visible from the hills that rise above the ancient city of Braga, Portugal, and the hearty flavours of the lush green landscape that surrounds the area.

There are restaurants in Braga to suit every taste and budget, from small and friendly cafés to centres of gastronomic excellence.

Tap water: It is safe to drink tap water in Portugal.

Tipping: Service is usually included in the prices in bars and restaurants. Tips are always welcome and usually 10%.

You can find more information at Braga’s City Council website:

Useful Contacts

As Portugal’s oldest city, Braga attracts visitors from all over the world throughout the year. The city offers many privately-run amenities aimed at ensuring its visitors are able to enjoy it to the full. It is also well furnished with a full range of public services.

For travel information to and from Braga, see the following services and links:

TUB (Braga Bus) – +351 253 606 890

+351 253 611 992 (day only)
+351 253 614 019 (night & day)
+351 253 253 585 (night & day)

For maps, journey planners and other useful travel information visit:

Go by Bike
For tourists to get in the city there is the Dutch bicycle rental service.

Braga Tours
Guided tours by Segway.

Tourist Information

Braga Tourist Office is located at:
Av. da Liberdade, 1
4700-305 Braga
Tel: +351 253 262 550
Fax: +351 253 613 387

The office is open daily and provides maps, restaurant listings and public phone numbers, as well as season information.

National emergency number: 112

Braga Police
Local Police: +351 253 200 420
PSP- Policia de Segurança Publica:
GNR- Guarda Nacional Republicana:

Braga Hospital
Tel: +351 253 027 000
Pimentel Pharmacy – +351 253 257 421
Lamacaes Pharmacy – +351 253 248 860
Gualtar Pharmacy – +351 253 675 422

Local Fire Department
Tel: +351 253 274 577 / +351 253 200 430

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