Workshop on Communication – MNE | 2017

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Workshop on Communicating Science in Society

Dr. Elisabeth Nilsson, Associate Professor in Atomic Physics at the Engineering Faculty, Lund University, Sweden

The workshop is aiming at improving communicative skills and raise awareness of the importance of listening as part of communication.
Communication within a research society is a well-defined process where forms are given and everyone knows what to expect. But how do we take on the more delicate task of communicating science to the general public?
In this workshop we will discuss popular science as a tool for communicating research and point to its possibilities, limitations and dangers. We will also discuss whose privilege it is to re-phrase and interpret research topics to non-scientists, and look into the journalists’ role as mediators of science. The existence of pseudo science and fake science cannot be ignored and it will be discussed in the context of “bad popular science”.
The workshop format allows for us to use some time to work with reality-based cases – where the participants’ varying experiences form the input to group discussions.
When scientists realize that science communication is more about listening than lecturing there will be no public receiving answers to questions they neither could nor would ask!


  • Popular science as a communicative tool
  • Pitfalls of popular science
  • The mediating media
  • The public’s relation to pseudoscience
  • The scientists’ relation to fake science
  • Case discussions in groups


Dr. Elisabeth Nilsson is Associate Professor in Atomic Physics at the Engineering Faculty, Lund University, Sweden. She received her M.Sc. and PhD in 1984 and 1990 respectively, holds a teaching certificate and is appointed ETP – Excellent Teaching Practitioner – at Lund University. She has a solid experience of pedagogical development and leadership within higher education – working locally and nationally as well as internationally. Her work within the National Center for Education in Physics has given her a wide experience of outreach activities aimed at pupils and teachers as well as the public. She is commissioned by the Swedish National Agency for Education and the Swedish Schools Inspectorate in the strategic work with young people’s attitudes towards Science Education.

Workshop on Communicating Science in Society by Dr Elisabeth Nilsson is scheduled to 20 september 2017.

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